What once began with 10 butchers has now, over more than 55 years, grown into a comprehensive and ambitious company with quickly to prepare products. ENKCO wants to be a flexible, reliable and innovative partner for you. A partner where you can’t go wrong when it comes to chilled and frozen meat products, meat substitutes, egg products and omelettes.

We’ve been making our traditional quickly-ready products for our customers in the Netherlands and beyond, since 1960. Our key markets are:

Retail and Butchery wholesalers: supermarket organisations and fresh wholesalers
Foodservice: institutional and catering
Industry & Export: food producers and other customers in Europe

Reepjes productie_

Frozen products
Frozen products are used mainly in food service and industry. We also supply a wide range of quick to prepare products to fresh wholesalers. The frozen products are rapidly frozen immediately after production in a special gyro freezer. This way the structure is maintained and no loss of quality occurs. The quality is comparable with chilled products but the longer shelf-life is the most important difference. The products are frozen separately, which makes correct and rapid portioning to need possible.

Chilled products
ENKCO has long been the pre-eminent specialist in chilled and frozen quickly ready products. Raw or roasted and fried products that the consumer can immediately and quickly prepare. ENKCO primarily supplies these products to supermarkets and butchers under private label, pre-packaged and labelled or otherwise. A large proportion of our products goes into the retail market under private label. ENKCO daily supplies over 60 different quickly ready products under various labels to multiple Dutch retail organisations.

Innovation of the range
The range we offer has become much broader in recent years and we give a lot of attention to sustainability. This is done for example, by means of closely monitoring animal welfare, by developing recipes with fewer E-numbers and by reducing food miles through the use of local raw materials. Recently for example, we switched all ENKCO egg products and omelettes that are made are from barn eggs, to free-range eggs.

For the coming years, we are ensuring continuation of the high quality that you’d expect from ENKCO at an attractive price and we will continue to innovate.