A leading company like ENKCO is fully aware of its social responsibilities. Hence the focus on sustainability and the environment are of paramount importance, which is why ENKCO is always looking for ways to make its business processes even more sustainable. In doing so we cannot limit ourselves just to our own business. To achieve our goals, we are increasingly working together with other parties in the chain.

Efficient production
Manufacturing costs energy but we try to minimize the impact on the environment. Efficient production with the least possible disturbance is therefore extremely important. That’s why we’ve continually been making improvements whereby we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint by 2% for several years.

We are constantly looking for solutions to promote sustainability. We will be pursuing this further in the coming years. In doing this our sustainability policy continues to rely on these 4 cornerstones:

  1. Optimising production processes.
  2. Sustainability trough the whole chain.
  3. Producing healthy food.
  4. Investing in our people.

Vrije uitloop kip

Responsible products
More and more consumers are becoming aware of their lifestyle. ENKCO helps them here by developing products that fit in with this. Our developers therefore work continuously on solutions in order to translate the demand for responsible products into quick to prepare meat and egg products. We keep a close eye on new developments so that we are always prepared. This enables us to anticipate social trends at an early stage, whether it comes to health, animal welfare or sustainability. Below you can see the developments we’re focussing on.

  • Transparency: all products have a short and understandable statement of ingredients so that consumers know what they are buying and what’s in there.
  • Reducing E-numbers (clean label).
  • More and more products with less salt and saturated fats.
  • The switch over from commodity barn eggs to free-range eggs in Enkco egg products and omelettes.
  • More and more products made from regional meat.
  • More and more products with a quality mark, such as the ‘Beter Leven’ Quality Mark.

MVO report ENKCO
Corporate social responsibility goes beyond “just” sustainable production methods. Our CSR policy is based on a sensible use of the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit.

Read here our complete MVO-report (Dutch)